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Couple Kissing in NYC Taxi Cab in Times Square
A Glance At The Camera at Sam Smith Park
A Hand Around The Head Showing Off Engagement Ring
Football Themed Engagement Photos
Embrace On A Rooftop by the CN Tower
Couple Laughing While Walking In A Park
Engagement photos in Toronto featuring skyline
Couple jamming at the Rehearsal Factory in Toronto
Couple at edge of rock peer at dusk.
Couple reflection in Sony Centre marquee in Toronto
Couple Standing on Rocks at Sam Smith Park
Couple Holding Hands Beside a Sunglasses Ad
Strolling Around Toronto Island on a Summer Afternoon
Couple Hugging in the Sun on the Streets of Toronto.
Couple by the Lockers in their old high school
Couple Looking At Each Other during Sunset
Gay Couple Engagement Photos in Toronto
Engagement Photos from Distillery District in Toronto
Walking the Dogs at High Park Toronto
Sunset on the rocks of Sam Smith Park
Purple Clouds and Blue Skies in Sam Smith Park
Couple snuggling within the haybale pile
Downtown Toronto engagement session amongst traffic
Couple stands in front of art portrait in Kensington Market
Springridge Farm, couple standing in a barn
Fielding Estate Winery Engagement couple embrace
Western University Ontario couple under tree
Toronto couple flirting at St. Lawrence Market
Sir Casimir Gzowski Playground engagement session
Humber Bay Bridge, couple gazes over wild grass
Port Credit session, man carries fiance over rocks
Engagement session, rock and roll, Rehearsal Factory
CNE engagement session
Limehouse Engagement Photos
couples splash each other with water during engagement
Noticing Her Walk By At The Distillery
Chillin' in Toronto's Graffiti Alley
Cool Couple Engagement Photo at Evergreen Brickworks
Couple kissing in the centre of a tunnel
Hugging in the Sunlight at The Beaches in Toronto
Same Sex Couple enjoying the cottage
Couple jumping in the air with bike mural behind them
Kiss on a Cheek at AGO
Partners about to kiss during Sunset.
Hugging during Night Portraits on Toronto Island.
Engagement Session inside Toronto Reference Library
Enjoying a Sunny Day at Niagara On The Lake Winery
Couple with Skateboarder Jumping to Frame Them.
Lying On Grass and Kissing
Couple on top of ferris wheel on Toronto Island.
Engagement Shoot at Arta Gallery Toronto
Laughing on a rooftop in Toronto condo
Couple against wall at Graffiti Alley in Toronto
Toronto couple uses bubble guns to have some fun
Toronto couple goofs around in front of black backdrop
American Football themed Toronto engagement
Toronto engagement couple in front of red wall
The Esplanade, graffiti wall, kissing couple
Queen's University, couple hugging on metal landing
Toronto couple gazing upon downtown and CN tower
Couple lets loose in sports hats against orange wall
Engaged couple riding sky tram at CNE in Toronto
Toronto woman in floral top poses against graffiti wall
Meridian Hall engagement
Toronto Engagement couple Albion Falls
Couple holds hands, Sam Smith Park, Humber College
Love Lock Wall In The Distillery District
Glancing At Each Other On Humber Bay Bridge
On The Balcony of Graydon Hall Manor
Couple Kissing in a Red Alfa Romeo
Hanging out downtown Toronto and a streetcar drives by
Kissing at Old Mill Station on the TTC platform
Photograph shot through a light fixture with a red gel.
Couple standing as man with hat walks by.
Toronto Financial District Engagement Shoot
Highschool Sweethearts Chatting in the Cafeteria.
Walking Around at Webster's Falls in Hamilton.
Humber Bridge Park Engagement Photos
On a Long Pier on Toronto Island During Sunset
Cherry Blossoms in High Park During Engagement Shoot
Cute Hug on a Steel Bridge
Cowboy couple in a horse stable during engagement shoot
Couple Hugging on front seat of Alfo Romeo
Couple standing outside their Toronto condo
Couple Kissing in Classroom in their old Highschool
Queen's Univerity campus, staircase embrace
Young Toronto couple sits on the market staircase
A couple wearing leather jackets hugging in reflection
Toronto couple embrace under tree arch
Kensington Ontario, waterfront couple on Lake Ontario
Lake View Park Pier, waterfront embrace
A woman embraces fiance on edge of Lake Ontario
Toronto couple stands underneath Gardiner Expressway
Mimico Waterfront Park, Couple posing against light pole
Couple holding hands in grassy Richmon Green
Art Gallery of Ontario, Engagement session
Couple at a picnic table, downtown Toronto background
couple sits against white gate St Lawrence Market
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Toronto Engagement Photos

Engagement sessions are some of my favourite photoshoots to do with couples. They offer so many different benefits to you, the client, and myself, the photographer.

Let’s talk about the style of the photos first. Engagement photoshoots are a chance to get really creative and incorporate elements that weddings just don’t lend to. You can bring in themes and special locations, like a decked-out GQ spread, a picnic in the park or a city couple by an urban landmark.

Best of all, there’s a more casual expectation than wedding photos, which means you can go quirky, cheeky and fun if you want.

Location, Location, Location

The location for your engagement session is one of the key elements. I’ll always recommend choosing a spot that is special to you, over a place that just looks pretty.

What places mean the most to you? Think about where you met your fiancé, where you had your first date or where you proposed. Do you remember the spot where you fell in love and knew you would spend the rest of your life with them?

Engagement photos should be personalized. They’re a visual retelling of how you got where you are, so pick a spot that reflects that.

Take Dina and Geoff for example. High school sweethearts, they knew they’re high school was the best and only option for their shoot. They called their old school and we shot in the building after hours. As a result, they have some fantastic images that truly represent them and their story.

Mike and Theresa are another great example. This couple is textbook rock n’ roll, playing instruments and finding their connection through music. We took their photos jamming out at The Rehearsal Factory; how perfect is that?

A Photoshoot Practice Run

Here’s the truth: most people aren’t naturals in front of the camera. I pride myself on creating great relationships with my clients and putting them at ease. Having an engagement photoshoot, with the same photographer you plan to use for your wedding, is how I like to do this.

Think of it like a trial run; you test out how your photographer works, what makes you most comfortable and figure out what to expect. The best part is you can do this in a far more relaxed environment, without the formal attire and large audience.

Engagement photoshoots are the perfect way to prepare for your wedding photography, before the stress of the big day. After your session, you’ll have an established relationship with your photographer and some brag-worthy photos.

That’s another benefit: how many couples have professional, high-quality photos of themselves other than their wedding pictures? Engagement pictures give you more to cherish and share with future generations.

The Big Picture

Think of the big picture: using the same photographer for both your engagement and wedding images offers many opportunities. I use the chance to work with my clients twice to create a theme or mood that runs throughout all the photos – right down to the final prints.

With an overarching theme, unique to you and your relationship, you get professional, dynamic images that truly tell your story.