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Wedding album details floral,  succulent themed wedding
Wedding Album detail spread of backyard themed
Details of Eglington Grande venue
Wedding Album layout of bride's accessories, elegant white
One King West venue detail shots and wedding rings
Detail spread of bride's accessories for wedding album
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Detail spread of bride's accessories on red dress
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Beautiful Wedding Details

You put so much time and planning into your wedding day, it’s only fair that all parts of the wedding day get attention too. I like to step outside the norm and focus on the details.

Wouldn’t it be something special to have an artistic close-up of your veil? Or the family heirloom counting as ‘something old’? Don’t you want to show off those Jimmy Choo heels and Michael Kors jewels?

Everything gets a moment in the spotlight in my photos. These are often the images that end up being the most stunning wall art. Look through the ‘details’ album to see some close-ups.


Luxury Wedding Details

Attention to detail is why our services lend so well to luxury weddings. There is an intense amount of planning and so many high-end vendors involved. They are often planned a year or more in advance; there’s just so much that goes into them.

With all that work coming together on one single day, it’d be a shame to ignore even the smallest element. Think about it: how often do wedding photos highlight the five-course meal, the groom’s cufflinks or the venue’s elaborate chandelier? Have you ever thought to give such focus to the flower arrangements, DJ/band or the drinks?

I truly appreciate everything involved with weddings and I know my clients do too. That’s why they’re willing to give such a budget to their special day: they will not compromise on the details. Neither will I.

Remembering Every Detail and Memory

Most often, those details that deserve attention aren’t about the budget. They are sentimental and the feelings they inspire is what makes them special.

I mentioned multiple-course meals, elaborate décor and the details on your wedding attire before. What about the meaning behind them?

It could be something obvious, like that feeling of love for your family when you look at that photo of your veil; the one that three generations have worn on their day. Maybe your ‘something old’ is a piece of family jewelry or the ‘something blue’ is a handkerchief with a funny story.

Or it could be something less obvious, like a picture of guests talking over the entrée; that same entrée you were eating during the biggest laugh of the night.

Why don’t photographers take creative photos of the nostalgic or unconventional things? Why don’t couples think to ask for them to be included?

Details have always been something I thought were just as important to remembering your cherished day as the bride and groom. The most precious moments aren’t always captured in the people, sometimes they come from items and things.

By covering every part of your wedding, I ensure every precious moment is captured. We use specialized photographic macro lenses to really get into the details of jewellery, wedding dress lace, diamonds, etc. As professional wedding photographers, we need to be prepared to photograph portraits, moments, and of course details. There are different tools to do different jobs and we use professional-grade dedicated macro lenses to capture the most out of the details we photograph on your wedding day so that you can see them as vividly as you remember them in your head.