Raph Nogal
Silhouette of a family and kid jumping
boy with beagle dog on a path in sam smith park
baby boy crying while family stands
inspired by pet shop boys actually album cover
baby boy crawling on floor and smiling
girl peeking around dad's leg and smiling at camera
baby boy between two brothers
girl in a park during family photos
family photos at sam smith park
A kid doing the downward dog in the studio
A boy in the park during sunset
Boy and Dog Portrait in studio
girl holding dog on leash in a flower garden
mom dad and son running through the park
family sitting by rustic wall with baby girl and dog
girl peeking through a tunnel and smiling
kid putting leaves on mom's head during fall portraits
boy opening a white rustic door on red building
grandparents with grandkids in the park
winter family photos in toronto
family portraits in the snow
mom and two girls in pink dresses
Kid pulling dads ear
girl playing with dog in the snow
girl sitting in nook in art sculpture at the distillery
little baby boy walking between mom and dad
Girl smiling at camera in black and white
family photos at the distillery
boy with missing front teeth
boy eating cupcake on his birthday
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As a family man myself, I know the importance of documenting those awesome moments in time with you family. As you know, kids grow up fast and moments are fleeing just before our eyes.

Let's celebrate your family and document this time if your lives with a casual family photo shoot. I think the best way to do that is to have you in your surrounding. Let's make morning pancakes, go for a walk to our favourite park and show the "day in the life of you and your family".