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Graydon Hall Manor Engagement Photos: Jennifer & Rayon

We had an awesome time with Jennifer and Rayon at Graydon Hall Manor in Toronto. Their wedding will also be here, which I am very excited about. The venue is stunning with so much character. Jennifer and Rayon were so easy going and it felt effortless for them to be photographed together – what a great match! I can’t wait for their wedding early next year!


Graydon-Hall-Manor-Engagement-Photos-1 Graydon-Hall-Manor-Engagement-Photos-2 Graydon-Hall-Manor-Engagement-Photos-3 Graydon-Hall-Manor-Engagement-Photos-4 Graydon-Hall-Manor-Engagement-Photos-5 Graydon-Hall-Manor-Engagement-Photos-6 Graydon-Hall-Manor-Engagement-Photos-7 Graydon-Hall-Manor-Engagement-Photos-8 Graydon-Hall-Manor-Engagement-Photos-9 Graydon-Hall-Manor-Engagement-Photos-10 Graydon-Hall-Manor-Engagement-Photos-11 Graydon-Hall-Manor-Engagement-Photos-12

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