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Royal Winter Fair Engagement Photos: Nicole and Donald – Toronto

This was something new for me. I’ve never been to the Royal Winter Fair. Mind you the fair wasn’t on just yet, so I still technically haven’t been. LOL. We had a blast with Nicole and Donald exploring parts of Exhibition grounds and parts of the interior of the Royal Winter Fair.


royal-winter-fair-toronto-engagment-photos-1 royal-winter-fair-toronto-engagment-photos-2 royal-winter-fair-toronto-engagment-photos-3 royal-winter-fair-toronto-engagment-photos-4 royal-winter-fair-toronto-engagment-photos-5 royal-winter-fair-toronto-engagment-photos-6 royal-winter-fair-toronto-engagment-photos-7 royal-winter-fair-toronto-engagment-photos-8 royal-winter-fair-toronto-engagment-photos-9 royal-winter-fair-toronto-engagment-photos-10 royal-winter-fair-toronto-engagment-photos-11

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