Wedding Photos at Geraldo's at Lasalle Park
Raph Nogal
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Wedding Photos at Geraldo's at Lasalle Park

A lot of photographers get seduced by the golden hour light. The light that is just after sunrise or just before sunset. But there is a lot love about the "blue hour", the light just before sunrise and just after sunset. In this image I am photographing at the end of the day, just after sunset. The sun is still high enough to cast some red and purple hues but the majority of the sky is getting darker. Thankfully on this particular evening there wasn't a cloud in the sky and I wanted to take advantage of the blend of colours coming up from the horizon.

I decided to go for a silhouette to emphasize the colours opposed to the features of the bride and groom. I made sure that they were close, yet far enough apart to ensure definition. The perspective was kept from a lower angle to ensure that I captured the fading of the colours from yellow to orange to red to purple to blue.

The next aspect I wanted to add to this image was a sense of motion as there was not any other object in the scene. To do this I had my assistant help out in a veil toss. We made sure that the veil was tossed up high enough so that it filled the space over the red and orange tones, but not too high where it crossed into the blue tones. This allowed for the veil to really be emphasized in that particular spot of the composition.

Location: 50 North Shore Boulevard East, Burlington, ON L7T 4J8.