Couple Reflection in the Mirror on Wedding Day
Raph Nogal
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Couple Reflection in the Mirror on Wedding Day

This image was one of those more artistic shots that I love to be able to capture in my sessions. I have the passionate obsession with reflections in my portraiture. They offer a very intimate and dramatic mood to almost any image.

I also really enjoyed that lighting fixtures that the couple had in their home, which is where they wanted their wedding portraits to be taken. They were casting a really nice warm light from them and were creating beautiful patterns on the walls. So, I decided to utilize both in the image.

I knew I wanted to have the bride and groom stand so that I could "catch" them in a loving moment within the mirror reflection. But first, I needed to expose for the ambient light of the light fixture next to the mirror as, again, I wanted to utilize the warm colours it was emitting. Next I positioned the couple where I needed them to be and asked the bride to stand in front of the groom with her back towards him. This would allow me to light both of their faces.

The final step was to have my assistant stand just outside of the reflection with an off camera speed light on a stand and a Magmod modifier to illuminate the faces of the couple.