Bride and Groom Getting Ready in Separate Rooms
Raph Nogal
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Bride and Groom Getting Ready in Separate Rooms

To create and capture the emotion of being so close, yet so far away from the person who consumes your very being is an image a lot of photographers envision in their portfolios. However, the moment has to truly be created in a sense where the emotion has to feel organic and the ideas portrayed cannot appear to be "staged". But a good photographer knows that any "candid" moment you see captured probably took a LOT of planning.

This wedding couple got ready for their wedding day at the same time and in the same home but were separated by a wall and in different rooms. The setting already created a beautiful moment to capture. To play on the old saying that "opposites attract" I wanted to create a different colour tone in each room. The bathroom that the groom was getting ready in already had yellow light and created a nice warm hue. To compliment this I used a blue gel to illuminate the room that the bride was preparing in, giving it a much cooler feel. However I didn't want the bride to be blue as it was not necessarily flattering in this situation. I had her step forward towards the doorway so I could illuminate her with a second light. I also had the groom look into the mirror so I could catch his facial expression in the reflection without ruining the surprise of the bride in her dress.

By creating two separate colour scenarios in each room I was able to create a contrasting, yet complimentary image separated by dark negative space. The tone is moody and mysterious, yet full of love and intimacy of the moment and the couple.