Couple Kissing at Woodbridge War Memorial Tower
Raph Nogal
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Couple Kissing at Woodbridge War Memorial Tower

It is always a beautiful thing to be able to capture something so new as the union between a newly wedded couple against a setting as iconic and historic as the Woodbridge War Memorial Tower in Woodbridge, Ontario. It is because of the great sacrifices of men like those from Woodbridge that this young couple was able to celebrate such a happy and momentous day almost 100 years later.

I believe that being able to photograph against something so monumental in our history adds a hidden depth of emotion to an image that not all may be aware of. That being said it was a great opportunity to utilize the worn rocks and masonry of this building to fill the negative space of this composition.

By framing the couple within the doorway I ensured that they wouldn't be lost amongst the rocks and gave the image a bit more depth (as opposed to them in front of a "flat" background). There was quite a bit of wonderful natural light so I did not need to worry about adding any extra lights. After making that decision all I needed to accomplish was getting the bride and groom to have a little fun. Thankfully that was not hard in the least! I had the groom pull the bride in close for a kiss but then had the bride turn her head so that I could get her expression straight to the camera.

Location: 80 Wallace Street, Woodbridge .