Bride and Groom Silhouette at Geraldo's at Lasalle Park
Raph Nogal
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Bride and Groom Silhouette at Geraldo's at Lasalle Park

One of the most fortunate things about being a Toronto wedding photographer is the large array of locations I get the opportunity to photograph at. Downtown and many of the neighbouring cities of Toronto are always popular sites because of their immense urban settings, however, there are also so many wooded and natural areas that feel as if you've completely left the city for a magical forest!

Lasalle Park gave me a lot of opportunities to create such a feel. Especially when I saw the light coming through the trees on the walking path. As we came over a small hill I saw the perfect opportunity for a silhouette shot.

I started by exposing for the sunlight pouring through the opening of trees. Secondly, I positioned the wedding couple in this opening of trees face to face but with enough distance between their torsos and heads that you could define them individually. Next I composed the frame specifically with the wedding couple and tree opening at the bottom right corner. This allowed for a large expanse of negative space on the left of the frame, but because of the light coming through the trees it had a lot more depth and dynamic range than just a solid black negative space.

Location: 50 North Shore Boulevard East, Burlington, ON L7T 4J8.