Bride and Groom Abstract at Aloft Vaughan Mills Hotel
Raph Nogal
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Bride and Groom Abstract at Aloft Vaughan Mills Hotel

Adding an abstract element to my portraiture isn't something I normally do. Especially in a sense where you loose the physical expression of my subjects. However, I wanted to create an image that you would have to look at in a different way. The elements of this photo lined up in a very unique way that I found intriguing. The opaque texture of the glass was at the right hight to mask the identity of this bridal couple. By placing them behind the opaque strip in the glass created an air of mystery. The bright coloured designs and reflections on the glass created an almost otherworldly feel to the environment.

Because of the groom's black suit you are also able to see reflections of what is behind me in the area, the touch of green adds a sense of space but also starts to remove the groom from the image. This brings a huge amount of focus onto the bride, specifically her dress and her flowers. Because you cannot see her face you become less interested in her and more on what she is wearing and how she is standing. This leaves the viewer of the image to create context as to her emotions and the story that is being told.

Location: 151 Bass Pro Mills Dr, Vaughan, ON L4K 0E6.