Hug at a U of T Staircase
Raph Nogal Photography

Hug at a U of T Staircase

The composition of this photo was created with negative space in mind. I wanted to shoot from a higher perspective, as if I was peaking down at this intimate moment the wedding couple was sharing. I also wanted to highlight the bride in this image, opposed to the groom. That is why I chose to fill the negative space of the frame with the descending staircase. They create leading lines that bring you right to the bride and her beautifully lit face and expression.

I knew that to expose her face in a flattering way, in this particular light and composition, I would need to sacrifice the groom's face in this shot. I had him go in for a kiss on the cheekbone opposed to on the cheek from the side. This created more intimacy between the two in the moment and brought genuine emotion from the bride. I also requested that she hold her wrist behind his neck rather than go in for a tight hug. This allowed space for the bride to breath as the main subject of the composition and helped accent her accessories such as her ring, bracelet, and necklace. And while it may partially be out of frame, the dark colours coming from her bouquet add a nice accent to the moodier vibe of the overall image.

Location: 27 King's College Cir, Toronto, ON M5S.