A Moment Between Bride and Ill Father
Groom Seeing His Bride For The First Time
Groom Shaving and a Bare Assed Groomsman
Bride's Mom Wiping Tears Away at Church
Groom and Groomsmen Laughing at My Jokes
Groom Wiping Tears Away After Reading Letter From Bride
Best Mand Kissing Groom During Couple's Kiss
Groom with Bra During Wedding Games
Bride Crying After Hugging With Bridesmaid
Bride Getting Out of Limo to Head To Church
Fun With The Wedding Dress
Emotional Groom After Couple's First Look
Groom Playfully Biting Bride's Shoulder
Groom Getting His In The Face With Flower Petals
Flower Girl Looking at Bride and Groom's Ring Exchange

Candid Wedding Moments

Weddings naturally lend to candid moments, which makes them perfect for a photojournalist photography style. My goal is to give as little direction as possible, so that every moment is authentic. At some points, you won’t even know we’re there.

I want to capture real moments, heartfelt and heartwarming; nothing staged, nothing posed. While I do jump in with directions when a great photo opportunity arises, the process is mostly organic.

Being able to capture moments as they happen is a skill mastered over years of photographing and years of experience. Oliver and I plan for each step of the day to make sure we’re at the right place at the right time. That instinct, honed over the years, allows me to anticipate and be ready to shoot those important memories.

What to Expect on Your Wedding Day

I like to keep as much of the wedding day as photojournalistic as possible. Oliver and I take what we like to call a ‘directed documentary’ approach. This means we stay hands-off as much as possible, but still step in to give advice when need or an idea arises.

This method applies most directly to the earlier sections of the day, such as the couple getting ready, the first look/reveal shoot and reception. After the actual ceremony, during the cocktail hour and reception, we will bring the bride and groom outside for more creative shots, but aim for in between courses. The idea is to keep things as natural as possible.

The actual wedding ceremony is completely photojournalistic. At this point, you won’t even notice Oliver and me; your focus can remain solely on your future husband or wife and your family and friends. I love shooting unscripted, genuine moments between loving couples and the ceremony is dedicated entirely to that.

You get the best of both worlds with our photography approach. For those that don’t want conventional, boring photos and value authentic moments, our editorial, documentary style does just that.

On the other hand, we recognize not everyone is completely comfortable in front of a camera at first, or ever. I’m not going to throw you to the wolves. I will give you the direction you need if you need it. Sometimes a beautiful Bride in bad light, is perhaps not a beautiful as shoe could be, in good light.

This primarily comes from building trust between myself and the clients. If you feel comfortable with me, you’ll feel comfortable with the camera.

Trusting Your Photographer

To get the gorgeous photos you want, it is so important to trust your photographer. This goes doubly true for ones like me. So much of our style depends on grabbing moments happening organically and an uncomfortable person will come across on camera.

When you trust mine and Oliver’s presence, everything becomes fluid – even for the most camera shy! This is why we insist on meeting our couples and having a good conversation before making any decisions.

Another way we recommend to build comfort and trust, is trying an engagement shoot before your big day. You can think of it as a trial run that ends with some awesome images! This way you know what to expect with your photographer, how they work and how you interact, before the main show.