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Toronto Island Engagement Photos: Brittany & Andre – Centre Island, Toronto

It was a perfect day to be by the water. Brittany and Andre decided to do their shot at Centre Island, where we enjoyed some carnival rides (including me.. 🙂 ). We had a blast and I can’t wait for their wedding later this August.

centre-island-toronto-engagement-photo-1 centre-island-toronto-engagement-photo-2 centre-island-toronto-engagement-photo-3 centre-island-toronto-engagement-photo-4 centre-island-toronto-engagement-photo-5 centre-island-toronto-engagement-photo-6 centre-island-toronto-engagement-photo-7 centre-island-toronto-engagement-photo-8 centre-island-toronto-engagement-photo-9 centre-island-toronto-engagement-photo-10 centre-island-toronto-engagement-photo-11 centre-island-toronto-engagement-photo-12 centre-island-toronto-engagement-photo-13

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