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Halton County Radial Railway Engagement Photos: Hui & Kin – Milton, Ontario

We headed out of the city for this unique engagement shoot opportunity. We explored parts of the Halton County Radial Railway (Museum). Halton County Radial Railway (HCRR) is a full-size operating electric railway and museum, featuring historic electric railcars operating on two kilometers of scenic track. It was a pretty cool place, and we got to shoot on railway cars and streetcars that were over 100 year old. Pretty awesome! Hui and Kin were very outgoing and we had a blast!


halton-railway-museum-engagement-photos-1 halton-railway-museum-engagement-photos-2 halton-railway-museum-engagement-photos-3 halton-railway-museum-engagement-photos-4 halton-railway-museum-engagement-photos-5 halton-railway-museum-engagement-photos-6 halton-railway-museum-engagement-photos-7 halton-railway-museum-engagement-photos-8 halton-railway-museum-engagement-photos-9 halton-railway-museum-engagement-photos-10 halton-railway-museum-engagement-photos-11 halton-railway-museum-engagement-photos-12 halton-railway-museum-engagement-photos-13


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