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Coptic Orthodox Wedding: Christiana & Mourad – Woodbridge, Ontario

We had a blast photographing this Egyptian Coptic wedding of Christiana and Mourad. The day started off with photographing the boys getting ready in a hotel, and then heading over to the girls… who were in a beautiful home with so much character. The coptic ceremony was beautiful, with the bride and groom being crowned! We then headed to Richmond Green for photos of the wedding party and then to The Jewel Event Centre in Woodbridge. It was all pretty awesome – have a look for yourself!


coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-1 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-2 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-3 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-4 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-5 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-6 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-7 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-8 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-9 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-10 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-11

Photo above by Oliver Salathiel.coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-12 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-13 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-14 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-15 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-16 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-17 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-18 coptic-wedding-egiptian-orthodox-toronto-19

Photo above by Oliver Salathiel.



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