Gorgeous Fine Art Wedding Albums

The albums are where it all comes together; the culmination of your story and all your work. The photos aren’t finished until they’re printed and firmly in your hands. When I shoot a wedding, every picture is taken with the album in mind.

There are many options for you to choose from when printing your wedding photos, from framed images to large-format wall art. The first and most prized, however, is the wedding album. There is simply nothing like it.

Your Wedding Album

Your wedding album is more than a scrapbook; it’s a carefully crafted, curated, visual story – your story. The full album and every page is put together strategically. We read pages from top left to the bottom right and we take advantage of this to guide the eye where we want it.

While shooting your wedding, I take photos with the album in mind. I keep themes, mood, lighting and the unique characteristics of the couple in my head and it all comes into play when putting together the results.

As you can imagine, an incredible amount of thought and planning goes into your wedding photography, both before and after the ceremony. That care and expertise is why my couples love their wedding albums so much – it comes across on every page.

Wall Art and Photographic Prints

You aren’t limited to just a wedding album though. Some of my images are best for large-format prints, so that you can take in all the finer details that a digital file won’t show you.

For gift size prints, your options are the standard 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 and 8x12, while wall art pieces can be printed at custom sizes; the sky (or your ceiling) is the limit. Within the large prints, you also have the choice of materials, such as acrylics, metal prints, fine-art museum and gallery archival papers, and artist-grade canvas.

These pictures won’t be collecting dust in your closet, they’ll be proudly mounted on your wall, dresser or mantel. Every time you enter the room, they’ll be a conversation starter for guests and a reminder of that special day for you.

The Power of Print

I’ve mentioned what printed photos mean to me; the pictures from my grandparents’ wedding in the 1950s had a profound impact. I want to give something that lasting and meaningful to you and your future generations.

Print offers more than digital images ever can. They are tangible, real things you can feel. They inspire memories and feelings that a Facebook picture just can’t do. Your wedding day is the most special day of your life and your wedding photos deserve special treatment.

In the times of instant gratification, we all initially favour the Instagram posts and Facebook likes, trust me - I do too - but nothing will ever replace the realness of a printed photograph. This is something that will outlive all of us, and will be shared not only via social media, but through hands of family members as we pass through this world.